Kleine Draken

Wine Range

Located on the South Eastern slopes of Paarl Mountain, Zandwijk Wines is the only winery in South Africa that exclusively produces a range of kosher wines.

Kleine Draken Vin Doux Sweet Sparkling NV

Colour: Light straw.
Nose: Tropical flavours.
Palate: A good balance between the sugar and acidity of the wine. Fruity sparkling wine.
Alc: 8.0 RS: 62 pH: 3.61 TA: 4.9 VA: TSO2: FSO2: 38

zandwijk natural sweet white

Kleine Draken Natural Sweet White NV

Colour: Brilliant light straw.
Nose: Tropical flavours on the nose.
Palate: Good balance between sugar and acidity. Fruity with a long aftertaste.
Alc: 9.0 RS: 55 pH: 3.6 TA: 4.8 VA: TSO2: FSO2: 40


Kleine Draken Natural Sweet Red NV

Radiant red.
Nose: Red berry flavours on the nose.
Palate: Medium bodied, natural sweet red wine with a low alcohol.
Alc: 8.5 RS: 75 pH: 3.75 TA: 5.5 VA: TSO2: FSO2: 38

Kleine Draken Kiddush NV

Well rounded sweet palate with good acid balance. Clean and mature berry fruit. Deep ruby red.

Alc: 9.5 RS: 165 pH: 3.5 TA: 6.0 VA: TSO2: FSO2: