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With a proud history dating back to the seventeenth century, this farm has been diligently restored to recapture its 300 year old history.

Nestled on the South Eastern slopes of Paarl mountain, the vineyard enjoys a superior terroir, which contributes towards captivating the delicacy and complexity of both red and white grape cultivars alike.

Most categories of wine are available to satisfy the stringent quality requirements of our international clientele.

Once certified by the ultra strict Cape Beth Din all of the wines and juices are Kosher and Kosher for Passover. Whilst religiously adhering to the strict parameters of the Cape Beth Din, an ultra modern and technologically advanced wine cellar is utilised to capture the essence of top quality South African wine.

Only the best qualities are released for enjoyment by discerning wine lovers all over the world.



Our History

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The ownership of the farm was traced in the Deeds Office, Cape Town, from the original grant in 1693 right up to the present day.

The Kosher Wine Making Process

At Zandwijk, the home of Kleine Draken and Unorthodox Wines, and the only fully kosher boutique wine farm in South Africa, everything involved in the winemaking process is done under strict supervision of the Cape Beth Din and the American Orthodox Union (OU), and nothing is done without the presence of a mashgiach (certified kosher supervisor).

All Zandwijk wines are kosher for Passover.

What makes a wine Kosher

Wine tasting

Kleine Draken is the only estate vineyard and winery
in South Africa dedicated exclusively to Kosher and
Mevushal wines.